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la vida:
a hamster.

hello, hello!
i knows i rock.

finally i am blogging
Friday, April 3, 2009, 11:10 PM

Hello peeple :)
My hooman has gone to eat some ice-cweam, so I am blogging. I thank everyone who is tagging me on my pawtalk :) you're all friendly peeple!
Anyway, just now the water bottle leaked on my tail :( so my tail area was all wet and there was a seed stuck to it!
My hooman wrapped me up in tissue paper, which was warm and comfortable so I drifted off. My hooman rudely woke me up by rewrapping me :( Then I slept again.
Then she woke me up again!
I was very angry with her!
But that tissue paper was very comfortable, you know, so I forgave her :D
Also her friends are tagging me, which is nice too!
I shall go and link them now :) Bye everyone!

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