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la vida:
a hamster.

hello, hello!
i knows i rock.

stinky :(
Sunday, March 29, 2009, 3:19 AM

Oh knows, today was a very stinky day, because my hooman was playing with very warm silver things she called candles. Then she used a yellow device to make pretty orange flickers come out; they were moving! So naturally I was scared :( My hooman said the device was a lighter and the orange flickers were flames, or fire. My hooman also warned me to be more careful, because the fire would be really hot and would burn me!
I was even more scared and thus I wandered near some interesting looking newspaper-covered things :)
After a while, my hooman put me back in my pink cage, where I watched everything from. I was a teenybit afraid my hooman would burn herself and shout, but she didn't :)
Pardon me, I have to go. I'm emptying my cheek pouches (and eating!) because I want to put new food in tomorrow or tonight.
Well, that's about all. I suppose you could read my hooman's blog for a more hooman-y perspective (yes! I know how to spell this really difficult word because my hooman taught me!) :)
(Also my hooman read my blog and afterward told me that air-drer-na-leen is actually ADRENALIN! Isn't that a difficult word too?)

Saturday, March 28, 2009, 6:21 AM

It's really weird now, everything is dark. My hooman says this is Earth Hour. It helps in saving the Earth. Do you participate in Earth Hour?
Just now, oh knows, something really horrible happened! My son, Mocha, bit my hooman's brother, and my hooman's brother THREW Mocha because my hooman's brother was shocked! Mocha fell to the ground some distance away. I saw this all from my cage.
My hooman's brother immediately ran over to pick Mocha up, but my hooman took Mocha from him.
I expect Mocha was in SHOCK, which is really scary, or so I've heard :( I dowanna be in shock, ever :(
Anyway, my hooman was quick; she put Mocha in his cage, then moved his cage into the dark :)
Alright, the lights are on! I shall go now!

, 4:35 AM

Recently I have got the wish to keep biting my hooman. I cannot holp it, her hand and fingers just look so... bitable. My hooman is eating her food now, with a spoon.
It looks like this:
only it is much less shiny. And it has rice inside! I likes rice a lot :D
I think rice is tastier than my hooman's hands/fingers. She should give me more rice and I won't wish to bite my hooman anymore.
I am very satisfied with this idea. I shall blog this out and purposely leave my blog there! So, when my hooman comes back, she'll see this post and my wonderful idea :D
Recently also I've been running very fast. A rush comes over me and I just feel like running. My hooman has described me as "air-drer-na-leen-pumped".
I know air-drer-na-leen isn't a word, but I don't know how it is spelt. Perhaps you can teach me? I promise to put a pawtalk soon.
Anyway, I think this running-rush is caused by air-drer-na-leen! I need to run all this energy off :(
Oh knows, I think I better go do my pawtalk NOW :( My hooman can eat very fast if she wishes to.

oh knows!
Monday, March 23, 2009, 4:11 AM

Oh knows oh knows!
My hooman has discovered my blog :(
Oh wells. I expect it can't be helped.
Yesterday's yesterday my hooman gave me apple to eat, but ants came :( So I scolded them and chased them out :D
But they were very hopeless and returned! Luckily my hooman took away the apple so they left!
I shall post peektures of me soon :) I hope you'll think I'm adorable!
By the way I've changed my profile, have you taken a peek? I hope you have!
Alright now, bye! It's tiring to jump around on the keyboard :(

Thursday, March 19, 2009, 6:48 AM

OMG why does Viver have a blog?!
-stares at her cage-
I go off to get green tea, and when I come back - her blog page.
Ohmygawd :O
Hehe, never mind, I shall -cough- link her XD
By the way: my blog is this! :D
I've to go now :D

, 6:36 AM

I'm so very excited, my hooman has just gone off to take a drink, so I can come on Blogger to blog.
I've seen my hooman do this many many times, but this is my first time blogging! It's so interesting!
Do you like my blogskin? It was made by my hooman's friend! You can find it on Blogskins.com, if you want.
Oh no! My hooman is coming back! I must go now, but look out for more pictures of ME!

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