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la vida:
a hamster.

hello, hello!
i knows i rock.

my first birthday!
Monday, April 13, 2009, 9:27 PM

Hello everyone! I've managed to heck into my hooman's papa's computer, so I'm blogging. Recently I've been busy/tired so I'm really sorry for not blogging! Anyway, my first birthday is coming up SOON, the 23rd of April :D
(Well actually my hooman sort-of invented it. She doesn't know when I was born, and to be frank, I don't, either!)
My hooman is going to bring me to her class - and guess what! Hammie and I are going to be put in the same cage (we're celebrating our birthday together! Isn't that great?)! But he's grown fatter :O and he keeps sniffing me :( I'm so scared he'll suddenly turn and BITE me, which would be mean :(
But overall it's good :D
Hmm. I've to go now, I smell food. Be back soon :)

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