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la vida:
a hamster.

hello, hello!
i knows i rock.

smelling good
Friday, April 17, 2009, 11:30 PM

Hello :) aren't you glad to see me back again? I have to go quite soon though :( so let this be a short post :)
Today my hooman's friend Rebecca came! They did a project :) and my hooman's brother was disturbing them :( anyway, around the-hottest-time-of-the-day, my hooman and her friend went to eat! Surprisingly, my hooman's brother took me out - and threw me at my hooman! So my hooman brought ME out!
Ooh, the place they went to was tasty! I was sleeping in my hooman's friend pocket for a while too :D and my hooman's friend gave me lettuce :D I was sniffing a french fry packet :D
OK I got to go! Bye :)

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